Intimidad is a digital image work representing the entire folder tree of my computer's hard drive, as it was the night of April 15th, 2005. It was registered in 198 screen captures which, at the standard PC monitor resolution of 96 dots per inch, represent a tree 32 meters high.

The title, 'Intimidad' ('Privacy'), makes reference to the exhibitionist act of showing everyone, not every content in my computer, but every folder it is organized on. It is, therefore, a schema of a relevant part of my life and work: my personal tree in a global forest of information. It feeds on my daily activity even when I don’t notice it, and it has surely grown a lot taller since this snapshot was taken.

This work won the first prize the Premio Mamba-Fundación Telefónica in year 2005. For the purpose of the exhibition, it was printed on a 1:1 scale, in 18 columns, for a total size of 2,10 m height per 3,40 m width. It was also selected for the Interface and Society exhibition, organized by Atelier Nord in Oslo, Norway, in year 2006.

See a low-resolution image of the print layout

See the full-resolution scrollable version