Dreamlines is an interactive net-art work that generates an ever-changing painting about a subject you provide. The words you enter are used to perform an image search on the web, and the results become the raw material for a generative process that transforms them into a semi-abstract, dynamic drawing.

A swarm of particles, o simple computational agents, drift around the screen, their trajectories controlled by the color values of an input image. In other words, the process relies on the translation of color into movement. The path of each particle is rendered to the screen, and the digital painting you can see is slowly built from their accumulation.

This work had a previous version, created on 2005 with web technologies that eventually became obsolete, namely, the Flash and Java browser plugins. It became progressively more difficult to access, until I finally decided to take it down entirely in 2015.

This new version, based on standard web technologies and with several improvements, was developed in 2018 with the generous support of the LUX Projektionsfestival from Bremen, Germany. It should hopefully be more durable. I hope you enjoy it.

Not working? Please let me know here and I’ll check to see what’s wrong. Thank you!


In year 2006, Dreamlines won the IBM Media Art Award at the 19 Stuttgarter Filmwinter, in Stuttgart, Germany. It has also been exhibited in various installation setups in the following contexts:

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