Google VariationsGoogle Variations

Google Variations are an open series of approximations to diverse aspects of Google. It is a collection of formal and conceptual micro-experiments, a fly-eyed view on an entity so pervasive that tends to become invisible, while it radically changes our everyday lives.

Wish CaféWish Café

Wish Café is a device for the collective construction of a map of human desire. It is a social network where participants are defined by their wishes, and only by them.

Bola de NieveBola de Nieve

An online database and virtual exhibition of Argentine artists, formed by the choices of the artists themselves. It features a dynamic Flash visualization of the network.

Outsource Me!Outsource Me!

Outsource Me! is an ironic subversion of the practice of outsourcing, developed in the context of Readme 100 Software Art Factory in 2005.