Generative experiments based on variations of the Voronoi algorithm


DRIFT, the puzzle that doesn't stand still is my first mobile game. It is a traditional tiles puzzle with a twist: the puzzle motif is a generative animation in constant movement.


Some captures from a graph generator that produces hierarchical node structures.

The Life of Graphs

Explorations on graph-building algorithms, resulting on some interesting animal- and plant-like structures.

Affine Swarms

Fields of particles that follow the same random trajectory, but are scaled or rotated depending on their initial position.

Walking in Color Space

This is a quick code experiment that visualizes images as trajectories in color space, one line per pixel row.


Doodl is a generative application that transforms photographs into drawings by means of a semi-autonomous process where you can control many variables – or just relax and watch it develop.

Linear Landscapes

An input image is used as a virtual landscape to control the trajectories of a swarm of drawing particles.


Emergent order from particles that orbit each other in a 2D space.


Wish Café is a device for the collective construction of a map of human desire. It is a social network where participants are defined by their wishes, and only by them.

Mesh Experiments

Some variations on the continuous deformation of a network and capturing a part of that process in an image.


A set of swarm drawings generated on commission for a book cover.

10000 bits

Testing the limits of low resolution: an exploration of what can be done with an image made of 100 x 100, black-or-white pixels.

Bola de Nieve

An online database and virtual exhibition of Argentine artists, formed by the choices of the artists themselves. It features a dynamic Flash visualization of the network.


Cabinet is a work about the need for order and classification, about randomness and likeness, and about the continuum of forms.

Outsource Me!

Outsource Me! is an ironic subversion of the practice of outsourcing, developed in the context of Readme 100 Software Art Factory in 2005.


An automated dream generator that uses any subject your provide to create an ever-changing, ambiguous and unpredictable painting.


Intimidad is a digital image work representing the entire folder tree of my computer's hard drive, as it was the night of April 15th, 2005.

Monas Rayadas

One of my first explorations with autonomous drawing agents: 40 digital variations on the most iconic painting of all, the Mona Lisa.


Simple, semi-abstract creatures modelled by hand in cold porcelain.