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DRIFT, the puzzle that doesn't stand still is the first mobile game made by my new studio, RandomSeed. It is a traditional tiles puzzle with a twist: the puzzle motif is a generative animation in constant movement.

Google VariationsGoogle Variations

Google Variations are an open series of approximations to diverse aspects of Google. It is a collection of formal and conceptual micro-experiments, a fly-eyed view on an entity so pervasive that tends to become invisible, while it radically changes our everyday lives.


Doodl is a generative application that transforms photographs into drawings by means of a semi-autonomous process where you can control many variables – or just relax and watch it develop.

Wish CaféWish Café

Wish Café is a device for the collective construction of a map of human desire. It is a social network where participants are defined by their wishes, and only by them.

Bola de NieveBola de Nieve

An online database and virtual exhibition of Argentine artists, formed by the choices of the artists themselves. It features a dynamic Flash visualization of the network.


Cabinet is a work about the need for order and classification, about randomness and likeness, and about the continuum of forms.

Book of SandBook of Sand

A client site with a dynamic interface based on a swarm of colored translucent circles. Developed for the Australian musician Daniel Blinkhorn.


A generative video, where interaction is optional, about emptiness and the traces left behind by what is not there any more.

Outsource Me!Outsource Me!

Outsource Me! is an ironic subversion of the practice of outsourcing, developed in the context of Readme 100 Software Art Factory in 2005.


Fragments from The Quixote and the news of the day according to the BBC tangle into each other in a generative drawing that mixes them beyond recognition.


Intimidad is a digital image work representing the entire folder tree of my computer's hard drive, as it was the night of April 15th, 2005.


An automated dream generator that uses any subject your provide to create an ever-changing, ambiguous and unpredictable painting.

40 monas rayadas40 monas rayadas

40 generative variations on the Mona Lisa, or Leonardo Da Vinci remixed by Leonardo Solaas :)


Biots are simple autonomous agents that move according to relational rules. These are drafts for the project of making a kind of zoo of autonomous agents or a virtual fauna of dots moving in space.