Untitled (as yet)

Develop an evolving desktop wallpaper (using flash in combination with something like flashwallpaper - http://www.tenmiles.com/flashwallpaper/index.php) of a tree which grows and withers in accordance with the weather of a location you specify on first run. Weather info could be obtained through a flash form posting to a php script on a webserver which queries a site such as weather.com based on country and nearest city choosen by the user or better still automatically retrieved from the users system (clock timezone settings). The tree should be almost minimal visually, branches, a line for the ground and roots. No movement or animation should be immediately visible when the user is watching but only evident through very slow evolutions overs hours and days.

Outsource Me!: The CREATIVE CAPTCHA Solicitation


As an Employer, I need to know that my digital art is being assembled by high-quality human programming labor, rather than some computer algorithm. I need accountability and quality control from my Contractor, or I can't deliver my artistic goods as a lifestyle brand to upscale markets such as README 100.

That's why I need a Contractor to develop Outsource Me!: CREATIVE CAPTCHA, an artwork / security method. CREATIVE CAPTCHA will allow humans audiences to work on my outsourced projects while keeping out the robots (and the robot-like humans).

text mangler

A system extension that subverts copied text in memory by inserting text messages into and around the text that is already there. Imagine selecting and copying text in one appliction, moving to another application and pasting it to find the text has changed...

- idea 1: this could use topical messages from an rss newsfeed, facts for example on war / hunger / poverty.
- idea 2: or it could employ pre-edited text to imply a ghost in the machine scenario.