Real Fight

El requerimiento es el siguiente:

Un juego de lucha del tipo Person versus Person (como el Street Fighter o el Mortal Kombat), con las siguientes características:

Antes de comenzar el juego, el usuario debe ingresar en un formulario su nombre, país y hasta 4 palabras que identifiquen sus mayores temores, enemigos o cosas a las que se quiere enfrentar. Luego asignará una jerarquía de dificultad a las palabras.

El programa deberá utilizar estas palabras para armar a los oponentes del personaje que manejará el usuario, valiéndose de la escala de dificultad que se especificó.

Take a break - program

Came to think of another idea I had (probably together with Jorann like the embroidery program). A program that tells you to take breaks while you are working in front of the screen. I often sit too long, and it doesn't work to put on an alarm clock, because I'm so into what I'm doing. But if it was well made, and funny, and happened on the screen, maybe it could wake me up from what I'm doing. It could tell me to go for a walk, make a cup of tea, do some yoga....

Embroidery (working title)

I would like to see a new version of an embroidery program I made together with Ragnhild Margretha some years ago. We wanted it to have various functions, but because of our limited skills in programming the results were as you can see on this page:
I've later tried to learn flash programming, but I never figured out how to make what I wanted. My dream would be to build a wooden "slutmachine" with a screen, a mouse and a printer. Then it would be possible to make embroideries on the screen and then print them.

The Idea is as follows:
Make a program that allows you to select different types of stitches,and then change the size and colour of them. You should be able to drag and place the stiches where ever you want inside a fixed space that will be the fabric to ebroider on. There should be different background images (fabrics) to choose from and you should be able to load your own immages as well. When your done embroidering, you can either save the embroidery as an immage to your computer or print it. You should also if possible be able to e-mail the picture to friends.

The virtual box of the subconscious (working title)

A system extension (visually little or no options visible and it looks like a black box) which accumulates everything in user copied memory (text and images) to periodically create collages for the computers desktop background. Decisions about when a collage is finished would be decided by the computer not the user according to:

- number of things copied onto them
- duration
- parameters such as users prefered design style (possibly the only user input) - minimal, chaotic, colourfull etc.

The computer should effectively decide when a collage is finished and then display it as required on the desktop keeping all previous collages in a folder - a database. As noted above user input (apart from influencing whats in memory) should be minimal.

Untitled (as yet)

An application that seems to offer the world in terms of the mini-site which 'sells' (not necessarily financially) it, the promises of what it can do for you, testimonials about it and of course the stunning GUI it provides but which in fact is little more that empty promises, a shell which has no content / funcionality. A play of this idea that software is a solution to every creative problem - here it promises all this but in fact provides none.


A little helper application that does the opposite to what software / digital media should do...

For example...

- An application that gradually ages and becomes decrepit the more its used until finally it stops functioning, essentially a play on the trial demo many companies put on their software but using an analog of real world things applied to virtual / digital 'things'. This should not be a cliche'd aging, i.e. wrinkles on the GUI etc. but a loss or degredagation of quality. If this is an application which outputs content then the content could start to become poor or even erratic (perhaps display virtual analogs to real world signs of age such as alzheimers).


In the future, the only way to be heard will be having a flashy logo, a catchy tune, and your own pop star endorsement. And I don't just mean for corporations... family dinner conversations will actually be like this as well.

Go-Logo will be the basic survival kit for that future.

Just enter a word (or two or three words, but not much more) and Go-Logo will instantly create a random unique logotype that is sure to capture your audiences.

Eternal Messenger (working title)

Thanks to Instant Messaging technology, people with internet access can chat with their "dislexic-don't know how to stop capitalizing-can't spell correctly" friends from all over the world. This puts people with no internet access (poor people, that is) at a disadvantage, and broadens the technological gap.

Eternal Messenger (working title) is a program that looks like an Instant Messaging app, but actually transmits messages that have been travelling through the ages (and are all but "Instant"). You type something in the window, and the Eternal Messenger looks for the closest match to your message in its database and answers (Match should be found through a decent computational linguistic algorithm). Your different EM (Eternal Messenger) contacts will use different source databases: God will be quoting from the bible, Marx from Capital, Lewis Carroll from Alice in Wonderland, etc.

Work-Work Revolution 1st Mix

"The Revolution will not be Remixed."

A "Dance-dance Revolution"-like game for oppressed workers.

A small window (that stays at the top of the screen at all times while the user works on a different application) plays music and gives orders to be made at the beat of the music: click, drag, type, etc. The player/worker will still be working on whatever he's doing, but following the music carefully.

Three versions of the game are possible (the game could implement all as different modalities):

- Mouse-Mouse Revolution: The player is instructed to click, drag, right-click and move the mouse around. For the oppressed graphic designer whose keyboard was taken away because he only used it to chat through MSN.


A Tamagotchi-like application.

It starts as a small iconized application that has no features, doesn't have a version number, help files, etc. All it asks for is the user's care, nurturing and pampering. Perhaps it wants to be minimized-maximized occasionaly, shut-down and started-up, have something dragged on its window, or something pasted inside of it... or have a file opened or saved within it.

As the user takes care of Appagotchi and uses it, it'll start to grow... developing full color graphics, sound, a bloated help subsystem, a plug-in interface, skinnable look and feel, a complex versioning scheme, a GPL-License-like scheme all of its own, tons of features, menus, dialogs, an animated assistant, etc.