The cave is a vessel for metapresence—It leaves traces of human thought and interaction that you would have never seen had you been surfing the web searching for specific organized information. It really is a reaction against the search engines of the internet that are ever-improving their logical ways of finding information. Sometimes the best information is that which you were never looking for in the first place.

The point is that it’s a place of discovery as well as individual expression that facilitates the free exchange of random ideas on the internet with language and pictures written from people’s own hands using only a stylus or mouse. In fact, these are the only two tools that work in the cave (purposefully limiting anyone to use a keyboard or to paste pictures). This piece quenches the primordial urge to belong to a place where you leave your mark. You will be able to witness other people in the process of brainstorming: writing, sketching, calculating their ideas in real time. Consider it like a virtual pad of paper, except in this case, it’s on the 3-D wall of a cave (attainable as a videogame mod?). So in essence the cave could serve as a place for pure observation, the meeting of minds, or individual expression to show others you were there at that moment in time. There would also be a feature where the user could peel away each successive layer in any one spot in the cave to reveal the once covered up ideas that in the physical world would have been lost: Evidence of someone who came before. This can be as public or private of a place as the user would like to make it. They have the choice to observe other people’s ideas/sketches on the walls of the cave, or they can mark the cave however they please and leave behind evidence of their presence for others to see. It’s all based on chance and curiosity, unless the cave is known well enough that people would use it to “meet” and brainstorm in their favorite area. Ideally, I think this project has the capacity to develop and grow over a period of several years. In my estimation the framework of the interface and the representation and documentation of layered ideas will be able to be executed in the timeframe you have available (ie, one month). Furthermore, I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.