The project is an hommage to Piet Mondrian and its paintings (composition No .X :
Starting points would some Paintings from Mondrian where the the layout of images are splited into canvas of different sizes, heigths and width and colors.
The colored portions (mainly non-white) portions could be dynamically and randomly filled with images extrated from the Web (Some flickr groups based on color could be used for example).
The dominant color of the image could be measured to verify that they map to the color of the original colored portion of Mondrian paintings.
These colored portions are dynamically changed (images are changing) but dominant color stay the same as the color in the original paintings.
Some White canvas can also be filled with white image if some white images can be found with enough white as dominant color, so that the painting can keep the same balance.
Random Images will be either cropped or resized to match the different zones of the mondrian painting images. Flickr libraries exist for proce55ing or flash.
The final result would be a combination of mondrian paintings filled with dynamic colored images, so with random details, from the web.