magic mirror

The project is based on the idea to reproduce all imaginable pictures of the 720x576 px videoscreen. The functioning process strarts with the white screen (#FFFFFF) at time 0, and runs at a speed of 25 frames/second until the reaching of the black screen (#000000), using all combinations of a reduced number of RGB colors for each pixel. When the program is active, the screen, in running condition, is showing the changing state at the current moment (for example: oct. 3, 2005, 22:00:00).

Additional functions:
1. Output of images due to entered time. For example: oct 3, 2005, 22:00:00.
2. Uploading of 720x576 px images in order to identify the appearance time.

God's Eye

I was just checking up on the works submitted here and would like to comment that this concept has been realized in a software installation form:

This project was also presented at the ReadMe software art conference in Helsinki in 2003.

I am always fascinated by how similar ideas arise in seperate times and geographies. What made you think of this project?