DeathCo: Digital Love Preservation

Death can be the end of a love relationship but it doesn't have to be so anymore with the DeathCo system.

Scope: Create an intelligent interactive avatar system based on a lovers psyche that can provide sexual stimulation.

-Use AIML or some other artificial intelligent engine to mimic a lovers language psyche. Interview the lover while they are alive and store scripted responses. The digital lover must be able to learn from post death interactions.
-Use MS Agent or some other avatar technology to provide a visual representation of your lover. Use photo or video captures to recreate the lovers face and/or body movements and expressions.
-Use voice recognition technology so that your dead lover can understand simple commands such as "Love me?" or "I'm horny".
-Use text to speech so that your dead lover can respond to you in addition to text bubble replies.
-Interface the avatar lover to porn sites so they can search and retrieve digital sexual content for masturbation purposes while your digital lover talks dirty to you.
-The digital lover must be available online from anywhere in the world. If you want to go all out then they should have a telephone number to be able to interact with them.

There is code available to start from.