The Agreement

This is an agreement between Leonardo Solaas (“The Contractor”), the author of the selected idea (“The Employer”), and Readme 100 Temporary Software Art Factory (“The MetaEmployer”). It governs the development and execution of a piece of software-art (“The Work”), under the following terms:

•  The development of the process leading to the realization of the Work will be carried in two stages:

  1. An Open Call for ideas, plans or proposals for the Work
  2. The development of the Work itself, undertaken by the Contractor according to one of the ideas entered during stage (A).

•  During stage (A) any person will be allowed to submit any number of ideas at the site, without any limitations whatsoever, besides being likely ideas for a piece of software art.

•  On submitting an idea, participants in the open call will take into consideration:

•  At the end of stage (A) the Contractor will choose an idea among those submitted.

•  In selecting the winning idea, the Contractor will evaluate:

  • That it is feasible with skills he possesses or can rapidly acquire
  • That it is in accordance with his interests and past works
  • That it can be executed within the allocated time frame

•  The author of the selected idea will instantly and automatically become the Contractor's Employer for the term of development of the Work.

•  The Employer will be notified of his new status on the e-mail address entered upon registration. The Employer's approval or confirmation of notification shall not be required for the development of the Work, since the act of submitting an idea implies permission to execute it.

•  The Contractor would prefer an Employer from a developed country, but he will also be open to consider proposals from emerging (or submerging) nations.

•  As author of the winning idea, the Employer will be awarded the full sum allocated for the project by the MetaEmployer, with the specific and unalterable purpose of paying the Contractor.

•  For the sake of simplicity, the MetaEmployer will transfer the aforesaid sum directly to the Contractor

•  The Employer will be granted the rights to the Work, but agrees to release it and its source code under the Creative Commons GPL license.

•  The Employer will be credited as author of the idea every time the Work is presented or exhibited in any form or context.

•  The completed Work will be introduced to the Employer, the MetaEmployer and the world at large during the Readme 100 festival, taking place on November 4-5, 2005, in the State and City Library of Dortmund, Germany.

•  The submission of an idea implies the unconditional acceptance of the terms stated in this agreement.