Welcome to Outsource Me!

This site is the register of a reverse outsourcing process for software art ideas
that was developed between July and December 2005.
The winning idea is Go-Logo by Eric Londaits.
The resulting piece was presented at Readme 100 festival
that took place on November 4-5, 2005, in the State and City Library of Dortmund, Germany.

You can see the call for submissions, take a look at the submitted ideas, or continue reading the original homepage:

Outsource Me!
A temporary software-art workshop
Running in the context of Readme 100 Factory
Where you can get your own custom-tailored software-art piece for free
made by an outsourced worker (Leonardo Solaas)
He will develop an idea from among those submitted
And it could be yours!

Consider the facts
Evaluate the agreement
Meet the worker
Submit an idea
View submitted proposals