date: Jul 2005 | size: 320 Kb | media: Flash, PHP, JavaScript

This work waves an ever changing drawing with text taken from two widely different sources: random fragments from The Quixote and the world news of the day according to the BBC. As they tangle into each other, though, they become indistinguishable. Letters migrate between them to show the simple fact that, in spite of all their distances, they are made of the same stuff. The foundations of our culture, the accounts of the world we live in: all is language.

The user has the possibility of clicking on any fragment to view its source: either a page form, or a page from The Quixote’s first edition facsimile from the Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes

The random tangling of Quixote’s adventures with the news of the world becomes a generative artwork. Words shape the strokes of unique drawings, as they dismiss their communication value and gain an esthetic presence.

The work conveys a thoughtful relation between the classic texts that have founded our culture and the stories with which we build our current reality. The gap between our origins and what we are (or what we say we are) is a place of uncertainty and tension all of us inhabit.

The work was almost fully programmed in ActionScript, with some minor complement in Javascript and PHP. Both the Quixote fragments and the news are loaded in XML format.

Prizes and exhibitions

  • May 2008: ArteBA art fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina.