Dreamlines was an interactive net-art work created in 2005. It lived a long (in Internet-era time, anyway) and happy life, but it is no longer functional: the technologies it was based on became obsolete, especially the Java browser plugin. It could be recreated with current web technologies, but until I get round to doing that, I decided to take it down to avoid frustration for visitors who might still come here.

While you can’t have the first-hand experience at the moment, you can look at some documentation to get an idea of what was it like. You can see:

The original description of the work

Some screen captures on Flickr

Video captures of different search strings on Vimeo: plum, raspberry, vacation

A more documentary video uploaded by Tomás Rawski that shows the user interaction with the work

You can also download the original source code [ZIP] (beware, it was made with Processing 1.0 and it is not going to run without significant updates).

In year 2006, Dreamlines won the IBM Media Art Award at the 19 Stuttgarter Filmwinter, in Stuttgart, Germany. It has also been exhibited in various installation setups in the following contexts: